Question: Floating Apps is not working for me! What can I do?

Some Android versions are proactively closing services running in the background. Floating Apps can't work without its background service. Please, understand this is not a bug of our app, some Androids are just behaving badly!

Huawei (old)
Open the Settings and enable Floating Apps in the Protected apps.

Huawei (new)
Open Settings > Apps > Advanced (at the bottom of the screen), and enable Floating Apps in Draw over other apps and Ignore battery optimization.

Xiaomi / MUIU
Mark Floating Apps as trusted app in the permission manager and allow autostart. (If the permission manager is missing please use google to find a solution for your phone.)

Settings > Power management > Autostart manager > allow Floating Apps.

Check if on your device there are any system settings or apps that might "freeze" the app, block it from auto-starting or make it not work in the background.

Also, be sure that Draw over other apps is enabled. On the most of the phones, you can find it in Settings > Apps > Floating Apps.

Question: What is Floating Apps useful for and how to use it?

Floating Apps is a collection of small and useful apps and you can open each of them in a window without leaving what you are currently doing on your phone or tablet. For example, you can watch movie while surfing the web!

How can I move windows?
Tap and hold window's title bar and move your finger.

How can I resize windows?
Almost all windows have resize handle in the bottom right corner. Tap it and drag for resizing. If there is no handle, the window does not support resizing.

How can I minimize windows?
Every floating window has a minimize button in its title bar. Click it to minimize window. After minimizing the window, an icon will appear in the right top corner showing how many windows are minimized. If you click the icon, floating window manager will appear and you can restore windows or kill them instantly.

How can I maximize windows?
Double tap window's title bar or tap the context menu icon on the left side of window's title bar and select Maximize. You can later switch back to the windowed mode by opening context menu again and clicking Windowed option.

How can I hide window's border?
Tap the context menu icon on the left side of window's title bar and select Minimal borders.

Question: Floating Apps was detected by my antivirus. Why?

Do not worry! Floating Apps is completely safe to use. It needs a lot of permissions because it offers so much features and some antiviruses think it's a sign of a virus / malware. In this case, it's false positive detection and you can safely ignore it.

Question: Why can't I float installed apps?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to float normal apps due to limitations of the Android platform. We would love to have this feature but there is simply no way how to do it. Using normal apps in multitasking mode is available on Android 7 and newer and on some rooted Android versions. Floating Apps brings option to use this feature!

Question: How can I open Floating menu?

First, be sure that Floating menu is enabled in the app settings. Then you can swipe from the left side of the upper half of display (or from the right side if you placed your floating menu on the right side). You must start your swipe on the edge of the screen. It is not necessary to do a fast swipe. Just start on the edge and move your finger to the center of the screen.

Question: Youtube is not playing. Why?

There is a lot of Android versions with different needs. We're trying to support as many of them as possible. If you encounter any problem, please contact us and help us resolve the issue.

Question: How much battery is Floating Apps eating?

Floating Apps is highly optimized to use as little resources as possible. If you see battery usage higher than 1%, please check whether there are no minimized windows opened for a long time. Also, check your battery status right before plugging a charger. If you check battery status only a few minutes after unplugging your phone or tablet from the charger, you may see incorrect values as Android starts counting battery usage at the moment the charger is being unplugged. We have tested the app on a lot of real devices and the impact of Floating Apps on phone's battery is insignificant (if you do not use it heavily).

Question: I'm missing important floating app. What can I do?

You can submit your idea here: We're listening and as you can see there we take ideas from our users seriously and we've implemented a lot of them.

Question: Floating Apps contains mistakes in my language or doesn't support my language at all. What can I do?

You can help us to translate Floating Apps to more languages. Just contact us and we will give you access to our translation tool.

Question: Can I support the development of new features and new floating apps?

Sure, you can! We are putting our hearts into Floating Apps and you can help us with a translation to your language or by donating some money. In the menu, you can find Donate option with more information (and with a lovely photo of my wife and son who are big supporters of the app ;-)).

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