Nexus 5 Feature
Nexus 5 Feature

Why Floating Apps?

  • watch YouTube while surfing web
  • take notes anywhere & anytime
  • view multiple PDF files at the same time
  • open links in floating browser and view them later
  • translate vocabularies without leaving current app
  • and do much more...

Real multitasking

Stop switching from one app to another and experience real multitasking with floating mini apps that make your life easier!

Your Own Apps

Do not find the right floating app for you? Turn homescreen widgets and URLs into your very own floating apps.

Anywhere & Anytime

Access floating apps anywhere and anytime without leaving what you are just doing with Floating Menu and Floating Icon.

Floating Menu

Extremely powerful floating menu allows you to access not only floating apps, but also normal and recent apps and shortcuts!

Floating Icon

Access floating apps with one tap via movable & resizable floating icon that stays always on top of other apps.

Move & Resize

Move windows by simply dragging their title, resize them by dragging their bottom bar. Arrange windows your way!

Minimize & Maximize

Maximize the floating app to utilize the whole screen. Minimize it if you don't need it now and restore it later.

Context Menu

Easily access advanced features & functions, control the window, its borders and transparency with context menu!

Android Integration

Open links, videos or images using floating apps the same way as you do with normal apps. Use shortcuts, notifications and more.


See Floating Apps in action, download it and explore it on your own!

Our Commitment

Floating Apps is the best of its kind because of our commitment
and never-ending work. We love to do it for you!

Provide the Best Value

The largest and the most advanced collection of floating apps available.

Translate the App

Translated to tens of languages: EN, IN, CS, BG, DA, DE, ES, ET, FR, HU, IT, LT, NL, PL, PT-BR, PT-PT, RO, SK, SV, VI, TR, RU, UK, KO, JA, HI, TH, ZH-TW, TH-CN, FA, AR, ...

Give You the Power

It works out-of-the-box yet comes with a lot of options - themes, font sizes, customizations and more.

Floating Apps - Commitment

Help Our Users

We're always doing our best to help our users, so you're not left alone!

Do Frequent Updates

We're developing the app for more than 12 years. Buy once and receive all updates in the future.

Listen to You

We're listening to your requests and designing apps and features for you!

4463 Days Of Development
31 Languages
4.39 Average Rating
10+ Million+ Downloads

Available Apps

Floating Apps is much more than just a set of mini apps!


Launcher for all other floating apps. Start to do what you need – anywhere and anytime.


Access important actions via this simple app or via the notification bar.

Active Windows

Minimize floating windows and manage them with this little but powerful floating app.

Add Note

There is always something to write down. Simply do it with multi-page notes!

Barcode Reader

Reading QR code and visiting the website no longer need extra app and leaving your current task.


Do you need to add bookmark right now and right here? Just provide title and URL and it’s done.


Surf in the floating window. Do not leave currently opened application, because you want to visit some link.


Need to do some math right now? Just do. Why leave current task for such a small thing?


All your calendars and events in the floating window... and synchronized with your Google account!


The history for your clipboard combined with your clips management - ultimate multitasking tool!


Running fullscreen app and need current time? You no longer need to access notification bar to see what's the time.


Take a photo or record a video easily, anytime and anywhere with handy Floating Camera.


Small and handy compass over any app. Did you ever miss having compass available all the time? It's the past!


Doing something and suddenly need phone number, email or web of someone from your contacts? No problem!


Do you need to limit your time for some task? Do it easily.


Do not copy-paste phone numbers, remember them or write them on the paper. Dial them right now!

Dice & Coin

Need a help with important decision? Roll dice or flip coin right on your phone or tablet ;-).

Document Viewer

Open PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF and TXT in a floating window! This is real productivity boost!


Access Facebook in the floating way. Like, comment and chat without leaving current task.

Facebook Lite

Access Facebook in the floating and lighter way at the same time :-).

File Browser

Browse your files in floating window. Open images, videos, music or PDF files in floating window!


Turn on camera light anywhere! Do you need light and do not want to leave your work? This is right for you!

Game: 2048

Waiting for some long running task? Do not just stare at the screen and play a popular logical game for a while.

Game: Colors

Beat the high score whenever you have a few minutes waiting for some app to do its work.

Google Maps

Be sure that you are on the right way and use your phone for other things too!


Access Google+ in the floating app. Be socialized while using your phone for other tasks.

Image Viewer

Need to look at some image but just doing something else? Open it in floating image viewer!


Start any of installed apps from the place where you are right now!


Do you remember all tasks? Me not and with floating TODO lists, I don't need to anymore!

Music Player

Listen music with a comfort of floating window. Enjoy full featured music player with playlist and other features.


Access, create and manage your notes in the floating way. One of the most popular apps!


Sometimes, it's better to make a sketch instead of writing - and with floating paint, it's no pain :-).


Record audio while using your phone for other things. This is where multitasking is must and not an option!


It's handy to take quick screenshots without leaving current task or trying to press some obscure key combination...


Quickly search for anything you need just now with voice recognition!


Need to measure time while using your phone for another task? It’s so simple now!

System Information

Open it and check current download or upload speed, processor, storage or memory status and more…

Tally Counter

Need to keep track of something? Whether it's game score or beers, Tally Counter will help you…

Task Killer

Something went wrong? Kill it now.

Text Editor

Floating Text editor is only app you need for viewing, editing and managing your txt files.


Translate anything with Google Translator without switching from one app to another.


Check your twitter feed without leaving current app. Or post tweet – whatever!

Video Player

Let’s play some movie during your hard work.

Wifi Manager

Do you suddenly find out that you are not connected to wifi? Just open floating wifi manager, find the right one and connect.


Watch youtube videos while using your phone for other tasks. One of the most popular apps!

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