Floating Apps

Floating Apps

Android multitasking

Download Floating Apps, the largest and most advanced collection of floating apps available on Google Play, and experience real multitasking on your Android phone or tablet with floating windows!

Open more apps at the same time, watch a movie while surfing web, chat with friends while playing games, create your own floating apps from widgets and much more!

Get all floating apps! Only $1.99!

Full version of Floating Apps contains all floating apps. Free version has all features and functions and contains only limited subset of floating apps.


phone_collection The largest collection

Floating Apps is the largest collection of floating apps available on Google Play! And we are still working on new ones…

phone_own Own floating apps

Did not find the right floating app? You can create your own floating app from any of installed home screen widgets or any URL.

phone_fm.png Floating menu

Extremely powerful floating menu allows you to access not only floating apps, but also other or recent apps!

tablet_unleash Beautiful holo design

Floating Apps comes with beautiful, clean and modern holo inspired design perfectly matching your Android phone or tablet.

phone_more.png Many, many windows

Open as many windows as you want and be really effective utilizing your phone or tablet at its maximum.

Screenshots_2013-12-17-00-21-51.png Context menu

Find advanced features, control the window or change the transparency. One tap away  in a context menu.

2013-12-20-22-58-42 Integrated

Floating Apps is seamlessly integrated with your Android. Open links, attachments or files with floating apps!

2013-12-20-22-55-15 Quick launch

Access floating apps with one tap via movable quick launch icon staying always on top of other applications.

phone_notify Easily accessible

There is a lot of ways how to access floating apps right when you need it – via notification bar, quick launch icon, floating menu…

2013-12-20-23-02-58 Split view

Align windows top/bottom or left/right and enjoy split view. It’s like multiwindows on Samsung’s phones and tablets…

2013-12-20-22-59-26 Multilingual

Floating Apps supports 14 languages and you can even switch language in settings.

2013-12-20-23-05-25 Transparency

Change the transparency of windows individually and make them ready at hand yet not disturbing you.

2013-12-20-23-08-52 Minimize window

Need more space for a while and floating windows is covering part of your display? Don’t close or move it, just minimize it!

2013-12-20-23-04-37 Maximize window

Opened the floating app for small task and need more space? No problem. Maximize the window and utilize whole display.

2013-12-20-23-08-38 Move and resize

Move windows by simply dragging their title, resize them by dragging their bottom bar. Arrange windows in your way.

phone_main Configurable

Customize Floating Apps for your needs. The main application provides advanced possibilities.